Stakeholder Connections

‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’

Henry Ford

Stakeholder arena Kremer & Company

Stakeholder Arena

Who are your stakeholders? Who is talking about you with what influence and reach, who do you have to deal with in which way? To manage your stakeholders in line with your strategy. Who will have the lead in managing your stakeholders, who are the main points of contact for the relationship? The Stakeholder Arena gives you a clear overview of the position and influence of your stakeholders and how to manage them.

Top-level Relationship Management

What strategy, which crucial moments of face to face interaction do you have with your decision making stakeholders? We develop relationship management programs for decision makers to build up content driven connections with your stakeholders. So you have a strong network to run your business successfully, including event and dialogue planning.

Leadership representation Kremer & Company

Leadership Representation

To create impact on society you have to be connected to relevant influencing bodies. Your strategic themes help you to focus. We support you to create an effective and balanced representation of your leadership members in economical and societal bodies. And lobby to realize seats in these bodies to make it work.

Partnership Propositioning

For valuable partnerships it is necessary to create mutual interest and an authentic proposition. Especially when the partnership is based on a sponsorship with out of pockets or in kind value. We define these partner propositions and create your partnership relevance matrix.

Stakeholder mapping Kremer & Company

Partnership Evaluation & Quantification

How much is the strategic partnership or sponsoring worth for the sponsor, how much for the rights vendor? What is required to fully capture the benefits? We use a model based on a proven methodology that is conceptually similar to IEG (Chicago) method.