Active Dialogue

An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success.’

Stephen Covey

Leadership Profiling Kremer & Company

Board Profiling

Your leaders play a significant role to improve your reputation by profiling the themes of the organization proactively on a regular basis. We come up with structured and proactive plans to support them in integrated profiling on your strategy and contribution to society. We always challenge the performance of the leadership team.

Communication Kremer & Company

360° Communication

Be good and tell it! So how to translate your stakeholder strategy and your content into great communication for your organization? Communication strategy and planning with concrete opportunities and big tickets for profiling from a 360 degree approach. We always come up with refreshing and effective communication ideas.

Effective Marcom Strategy

To create impact with your brand towards your communities you have to come up with an effective multimedia marcom strategy. We support you in developing a strategy for brand impact including revenue contribution and required investments. We come up with real KPI’s and measurements based on big data.

Stakeholder engagement Kremer & Company

Stakeholder Engagement

How do you make your stakeholders work for your interest? To get them engaged you have to create an approach in what you both find your interests. You have to come up with appealing ideas for them. A plan with concrete ideas to engage your stakeholders that fits their role in your stakeholder strategy.

Stakeholder dialogues KRemer & Company

Stakeholder Dialogues

To gain support of your stakeholders you have to know what they bring to the table, what their interests are and what they expect you to take care of. You have to listen to them. We create dialogues and programs with opportunities and ideas to hear what they have to say. We moderate your dialogues and report on outcomes.

VC Rapid Brand - Marketing Audit

VC’s are often challenged to value a brand or the marketing effort from an organisation. And usually, time is short. With the rapid marketing and brand audit for VC’s, we can quickly give them more insights.