Strategy Foundation

‘It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.’

Henry David Thoreau

Stakholder positioning Kremer & Company

Cross-functional Reputation Strategy

We enable you to develop an effective and sustainable reputation strategy. We help you to analyze your current position. Based on the outcome we appoint and prioritize the cross functional drivers for the reputation improvements. We take care of clear targets and KPI's to work on.

Theme development Kremer & Company

Theme Strategy Development

How to position the organization’s strategy in a simple way, reliable and relevant to society? You have to define a set of themes that fits the organization strategy & portfolio and society. Themes that helps to activate your strategy cross functional and gives focus to activities. We help with developing of themes and the cross functional framing. The materiality assessment in the process gives focus on your purpose.

Strategy Alignment Kremer & Company

Strategy Engagement

Creating a good strategy is one thing, but to make it happen is the challenge most of the time. How to obtain the commitment and support of your employees to the strategy? And how to engage your stakeholders to it? We provide you with effective change and communication programs for strategy alignment.

Content management strategy KRemer & Company

Strategic Content Management

To be reliable and relevant for society you have to position your strategy simply and from an outside in perspective. We support you to define what role your strategic themes play in your profiling strategy and how they contribute to your strategy. We enable you to sharpen your profile by framing all single topics.

New Business Strategy

How to identify new business opportunities that create shared value. We support you to come up with ideas, the initial business plan and the investor story. We support you in identifying and contacting business partners, investors, distributors, clients and other stakeholders.