All organizations intrinsically linked to society

Kremer & Company believes that in a time of constant change and disruption, organizations that have a winning position are actively connected to society and engaged with internal and external stakeholders.

Our Vision


Industries are developing future business models to create shared value and COVID-19 is impacting business models

Industries in transformation marion kremer stakeholder strategies

Societal, economic and technological transformation and disruption is happening


Active relationship management with all your stakeholders accelerates your change


People who trust you are open to support and actively help implement your strategy

Our Approach


We enable leadership to connect with stakeholders. We support you to come up with solid strategies and we guide teams to implement


We always work from an integrated approach to align all stakeholders and their interests


We always work from an integrated approach to align stakeholders and their interests. We help you bridge the gap between the purpose of your organization and expectations from stakeholders and society<br />


We deliver open and honest engagement strategies, creating reliable and credible organizations that support people internally and externally

Our Values


Dedication, connection, enthusiasm, energy, commitment

Value Driven

Result driven, meaningful, effective, advantage, contribution, excellence


Reliable, authentic, straight, responsible, loyal, trustworthy