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Your organization faces mounting pressure to fully realize its market potential within ever-shrinking timeframes. This challenge often involves overcoming common commercial obstacles such as successfully launching new markets, refining resource allocation, mitigating customer turnover, and expeditiously generating fresh streams of revenue.

Fostering and executing your B2B commercial strategy demands a well-structured methodology complemented by astute commercial methodologies. This multifaceted journey encompasses strategic analysis, the formulation of your Go2Market plan, crafting a comprehensive commercial strategy complete with KPIs, and the meticulous execution phase.

Why Kremer & Company

We enhance these steps by infusing our extensive experience and analytical tools, streamlining your process to save time and resources and accelerating your initial revenue generation in new markets. This involves crafting intelligent value propositions, addressing customer needs, and guaranteeing timely product and service delivery.

We assist you in synchronizing your marketing, communication, and distribution strategies with your sales endeavors, ensuring the utmost efficiency in your commercial activities. This means aligning the right products and services with the appropriate customers through the most suitable channels

Our extensive range of methods, models, and wealth of experience will serve as a catalyst for the successful implementation of your commercial strategy, ensuring its effective execution.

Themes we address
Reputation strategy | Reputation research | Stakeholder research | Consumer research | Consumer monitoring

Our clients

We take great pride in our collaboration with a diverse array of remarkable clients, ranging from medium-sized enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations, both in the Netherlands and across Europe. These esteemed brands place their trust in our services:

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    Kremer & Company is a consulting firm committed to formulating and implementing stakeholder strategies. Our core mission is to empower leaders in amplifying their organizational impact. By leveraging their connections within society, we aid in the development and successful execution of strategies that actively engage both internal and external stakeholders to their maximum potential.