Strategy engagement

Stakeholders expect you to demonstrate leadership on everything that they see as important in executing on your strategy. Giving substance to your strategy, also for less tangible goals, by concrete actions, builds trust with your stakeholders.

Creating a strategy is one thing, but to make it happen is the challenge most of the time. How to create a proper board profiling? How to obtain the commitment and support of your employees to the strategy? How to create an open company dialogue so employees can actively contribute to living your strategy?

Why Kremer & Company

We help organizations to answer these questions and we provide you with effective change and communication programs for strategy engagement. Internally we empower leaders to spark the company dialogue and to accelerate the implementation of the strategy.

We make employees part of the strategy, which makes them energized and aligned. We translate the strategy into concrete programs that overarches departments. We use impact themes to translate the strategy into concrete actions. This ultimately results in a sustainable ecosystem with customers, partners, and employees.

With our stakeholder strategy framework, we enable leadership to incorporate concrete actions for societal impact and to anchor ways of working intrinsically. Our methods and models enable you to develop your strategic engagement collaboratively.

Themes we address
Leadership engagement | People empowerment | Company dialogue | Reward & Recognition | OGSM cascading | Story telling | Leadership visibility

Our clients

We are proud to work with so many amazing clients. From medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies within the Netherlands and in Europe. These brands put their trust in us:

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    Our expertise, your prosperity

    Kremer & Company is a consulting organization focused on development and implementation of stakeholder strategies. We empower leaders to accelerate their organizational impact: by unleashing their connection to society we help define and realize supported strategies with maximally engaged internal and external stakeholders.