Stakeholder management

As an organization you always operate in a diverse ecosystem with multiple stakeholders. With some of them you entertain an active relationship, with others you still have to build that relationship. You want to be open, transparent and in control of your ecosystem to create and maintain a healthy relation with all stakeholders. You want to understand your role in society, know what you are good at and take responsibility for your contributions.

We help you to create your stakeholder ecosystem mapping. We define the mutual interest. We enable you to determine what kind of relationship or partnership fits you best with whom and we empower leaders to connect.

Why Kremer & Company

We help you to create meaningful relationships and to stay in control of your reputation, crucial to pave the way and accelerate the implementation of your strategy. Resulting in a representation of your organization in the right forums and an excellent reputation within the ecosystem. We often see that organizations have to deal with reputational damage within their stakeholders, please also see our proposition about reputation, as we can help you to act responsively to create a balancing perception in your stakeholder ecosystem.

With our stakeholder strategy model, we create valuable insights in the role of the organization within the ecosystem. We enable organizations to connect and align with their stakeholders by our stakeholder programs and relationship management programs.

Themes we address
Commercial ecosystems | Business ecosystems | Relationship management | Winning partnerships | Impact coalitions | Active dialogue | Influencing & representation | Board profiling programs | Stakeholder analyses | Impact themes

Our clients

We are proud to work with so many amazing clients. From medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies within the Netherlands and in Europe. These brands put their trust in us:

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    Our expertise, your prosperity

    Kremer & Company is a consulting organization focused on development and implementation of stakeholder strategies. We empower leaders to accelerate their organizational impact: by unleashing their connection to society we help define and realize supported strategies with maximally engaged internal and external stakeholders.