Creating a winning position for your organization

Kremer & Company is a consulting organization focused on development and implementation of stakeholder strategies. We empower leaders to accelerate their organizational impact: by unleashing their connection to society we help define and realize supported strategies with maximally engaged internal and external stakeholders.

Kremer & Company focuses on stakeholder strategies in 4 main consulting domains

Connecting to society starts with having a clear understanding of your soul. We guide you on your journey to create a strong strategic foundation. We counsel you to develop your purpose, unique positioning and to find your greater relevance to society in developing your societal framework. This is the foundation for a meaningful position in society.

For sustainable relationships with your internal and external stakeholders, you have to know them and understand what their role and impact is. We enable you to determine what kind of relationship or partnership fits you best with who. We empower leaders to connect and align with stakeholders. Internally we empower leaders with our strategy alignment approach to spark culture and to accelerate the implementation of the strategy.

Stakeholders expect you to demonstrate leadership on everything that they see as important in executing on your strategy. That’s where they assess you whether you can be trusted. If you give substance to your good intentions by concrete action. With the Impact framework, we enable leadership to incorporate concrete actions for societal impact and to anchor ways of work intrinsically. Resulting in a significant change in behavior, an attractive position for customers, employees and partners etc.

Good relationships are based on mutual understanding and respect. We develop transparent and honest dialogue programs to build relationships with stakeholders via transparent& open dialogues and communications. We design these engaging dialogue programs in close collaboration with you. We enhance teams to build thought leadership in a structured and proactive manner based on the strategic foundation of the organization. No empty words but dialogue and communications with impact.