Data & digital strategies

Having a strategy is one thing but to make sure it is effective you must measure the progress of your business goals. To what extent can you make your ecosystem work for you? How can you improve your sales processes and what results do you see?

Creating and executing your data and digital strategies takes a need of identifying what these processes are, understanding in which drivers you need insights and have a clear understanding of which data sources are available within the organization.

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    Why Kremer & Company

    We create and enrich these steps with our experience and analytical tools, helping you gaining time and effort and pulling forward a clear understanding of the integral data streams within the organization. Creating data analyses, addressing data differentiations, and making a concrete plan to collaboratively move forward.

    We keep the overall strategy in mind and help you to align the data from strategy engagement processes, CRM & financial systems, and social media tooling. The social media tooling will give you a clear understanding of interaction with your ecosystem both outside and inside your organization.
    Unique is our Advanced Ecosystem Monitor is it that enables you to understand what topics are discussed within the social media tooling and connect this with the right stakeholders within the ecosystem. This is a very valuable tooling for your stakeholder management, reputation and campaigning.

    Our methods, models and experience will boost the execution of your commercial strategy.

    Themes we address
    Strategic Analyses | G2M plan | Commercial plan | Value proposition | Ecosystems | Channels | Reseller structures | Compensation plans | OGSM

    Our clients

    We are proud to work with so many amazing clients. From medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies within the Netherlands and in Europe. These brands put their trust in us:

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      Our expertise, your prosperity

      Kremer & Company is a consulting organization focused on development and implementation of stakeholder strategies. We empower leaders to accelerate their organizational impact: by unleashing their connection to society we help define and realize supported strategies with maximally engaged internal and external stakeholders.