K&C Stakeholder Connector

a systemic stakeholder solution, developed to help you effortlessly navigate complex stakeholder landscapes.

What is the K&C Stakeholder Connector?

K&C Stakeholder Connector is a systemic stakeholder solution developed to help our clients effortlessly navigate complex stakeholder landscapes.

K&C Stakeholder Connector is a solution based on the Untangle stakeholder management software and a modular service providing full flexibility to our customers.

Developed in partnership with CS&A – an international crisis resilience expert – K&C Stakeholder Connector’s DNA is Untangle©. Untangle© is a unique stakeholder management tool and a SaaS application, fully compliant with security and GDPR, reflecting a commitment to responsible data handling.

Why choose K&C Stakeholder Connector?

  • Accelerate your stakeholder management endeavor and get results quickly
  • Get a compact, consolidated overview of your entire stakeholder system
  • Understand and define key stakeholder segments inside and outside your organization
  • Tailor the approach to fit your specific stakeholder mapping
  • Monitor the status, sentiments, current activities, engagements and position of multiple stakeholders from a single platform
  • Instantly align multiple parties in your organization on required actions
  • Translate complex information and multiple perspectives into a clear, simple, actionable approach
  • Simplify decision-making, enhance communication and increase stakeholder engagement to get ahead of developments in a rapidly changing world
  • Define a precise course of action to enhance your reputation

How does it work?

What can K&C Stakeholder Connector do for you?

  • Deliver precise stakeholder maps with comprehensive and clearly structured critical data for the entire stakeholder system (with insights tailored to your business)
  • Create a unified perspective and formulate a clear, actionable strategy from complex variables
  • Define stakeholder engagement plans and collaborate in the execution of these plans
  • Simplify stakeholder categorization (based on influence and interest) and help understand the stakeholders’ position and the role they (may) play in your initiatives and plans
  • Set clear action points and seamlessly assign them to responsible owners fostering collaboration and a smooth communication flow
  • Streamline your view for decision-making based on a clear reading of external and internal developments


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